Custom Commercial Trucks

When it comes to your custom commercial trucks, you won’t trust them to just any shop you come across. You pass by those mechanics and body shops to go to Martin’s Quality Truck Body, because you need your truck work done right the first time. You know a fast job isn’t always a good job, and that it will turn into a bad job the second or third time you have to take the truck back for more repairs.

Custom commercial trucks don’t just need good mechanics, they need quality parts, good auto body men, and a shop that has experience fixing them properly and returning them to service. In Los Angeles County, CA that means they need Martin’s Quality Truck Body. You can’t afford to have your trucks sitting on a lot waiting for service or maintenance, you need them in the bay and then on the road as fast as you can get them there. Contact Martin’s Quality Truck Body if you need any of the following customizations:

• Flatbed Trucks— A flatbed truck is a type of truck that has a bodywork that is entirely flat, with no sides or roof. This construction allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of goods. Ideal for the transportation of heavy loads, loads that are not vulnerable to the environment, and abnormally shaped loads that require more space than those of closed body trucks. At Martin’s Quality Truck Body, you can be sure that our technicians will do the bed, the hoist, lift gate, PTO’s, and all the customized body work required of a flatbed in one stop. From blank chassis to powerful flatbed and artistic graphics, we will handle it all.

• Stake Bed Trucks— A stake body is an open truck body that has a platform with sockets at the edge and upright stakes. Due to this configuration, this truck can have a fence formed around the load. With our expert technicians, you’ll get the stake bed and the lift gate installed, the PTO’s hooked up, and then finished bodywork that aligns with custom colors and artwork you provided.

• Dump Body Trucks—Martin’s Quality Truck Body will set up the dump bed and hoist along with the PTO’s, then complete the design and painting of the body.

You can be confident that Martin’s Quality Truck Body has the mechanics, the tools, the equipment, and the shop to get your custom commercial trucks done and out making runs for your business. Let them customize your fleet. For more information about our services, please call us or send us an email.