About Martin's Quality Truck Body

When your rig is on the side of the road instead of working for you, you need Martin’s Quality Truck Body in your contact list. They specialize in servicing aluminum trucks, flatbed trucks, stake bed trucks, and dump body trucks in Los Angeles County. Whether you need aluminum truck service, custom trucks, or commercial truck repair, the team at Martin’s Quality Truck Body can get you in, get you out, and get you going.

It doesn’t matter if you need to have your trucks repaired, need to have your entire fleet customized, or need a little body work done, their certified mechanics and trained body workers have the talent and tools that it takes to get you back on the road. They also have unique relationships with part suppliers that help them to get your job done quickly and efficiently. 

Martin’s Quality Truck Body has got more than 15 years’ experience serving the following communities: Downey,Long Beach,Compton,Torrance, Hawthorne, Bell, Inglewood,Lakewood, Moreno Valley, Orange County, Inland, and Empire. Your trucks are your business, whether you own a fleet of transport trucks or a few tow trucks. You can’t have them in the shop for too long, so you can count on Martin’s Quality Truck Body to be there when you need them.

If you are looking for quality commercial truck body repair in Los Angeles County, CA check out Martin's Quality Truck Body, our slogan is: “We specialize in custom commercial truck body.” They can offer you installation of electric hoists and PTO’s. They specialize in repairs of every kind, including service to lift gates, dumps, and custom tool boxes.

No matter what kind of trucks your fleet runs, Martin's Quality Truck Body has the service you need. They have 15 years’ company experience specializing in aluminum service trucks, flatbed trucks, stake bed trucks, and dump body trucks. They will also service your lift gates, perform hoist repair, PTO’s, custom of toolboxes, and installation of hoists.

The road is a tough place to do business, whether you are in the trucking industry or you just use trucks to get the job done. The abuse that is heaped upon your assets is more than just ugly, it can ruin your trucks and your reputation. Martin’s Quality Truck Body can keep the logos, paint jobs, and fenders on your fleet looking brand new.

You know you can’t just walk into a showroom and buy the perfect truck for your business and that is why Martin’s Quality Truck Body specializes in creating your custom commercial trucks. Whether you need lift gates, installation of hoists, or PTO’s custom toolboxes, they can handle your job with cheerful service and superior work.

The job site and the road are hard on your trucks. Accidents are no fun, but they happen, and your trucks wind up dented, crumpled, or inoperable. Dirt, grit, and weather wear down your paint job and fade your logos. You have got to get it all taken care of. Let Martin's Quality Truck Body check out your trucks; they offer free estimates and 10% off your first job.