Commercial Truck Body

When your commercial truck body is damaged, dented, or dinged, it devalues your asset and shortens its effective life. You can take it to Martin’s Quality Truck Body for service anywhere in Los Angeles County, CA. They have experienced, certified body workers who can uncrease and unwrinkle the ravages the road inflicted on your commercial truck body.

Whether you have a commercial truck body that needs frame repair, fender work, or bumper fix ups, trust Martin’s Quality Truck Body for a quality job that will last for the life of your asset. Their body workers have all the training, tools, and talent that your job requires. From awesome body work to exceptional paint jobs and outstanding graphics, satisfaction is part of the package when you go to Martin’s Quality Truck Body.

• Collision Repair—When your truck is involved in an accident, it can bring your business to a standstill. Your commercial trucks don’t just need body work, they need flatbed, stake bed, or dump body repair. You need to know you can depend on the hoist, the lift gate, and the PTO’s. From little dents to full-on crash repair, Martin’s Quality Truck Body promises OEM parts and dedicated labor to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

• Truck Painting—If you buy a used commercial truck or change your logos and colors you are going to need a good paint job. Martin’s Quality Truck Body specializes in custom paint jobs and graphics.

• Truck Frame Repair—You depend on your frame and chassis to support your equipment and loads. Get them expertly repaired at Martin’s Quality Truck Body.

Your commercial truck is your business lifeline. Make sure it can go the distance by having it serviced and repaired at Martin’s Quality Truck Body. For more information about how we service commercial truck bodies, please contact us today.