Commercial Trucks

Your commercial trucks carry the entire weight of your business and you need them up and running. You can count on Martin's Quality Truck Body to keep your commercial trucks maintained and repaired in a timely fashion, with quality parts and expert work.

There is a lot more to commercial trucks than just a body and an engine. Flatbed trucks need a specialized bed, hydraulics, and lifting equipment installed. Stake bed and dump body trucks also need specialized beds and other equipment. You don’t want this particular work and these custom installations done by just anybody, you need the certified mechanics at Martin’s Quality Truck Body. 

They don’t just customize the body, hydraulics, and bed of your trucks, they also install electric hoists, power take offs, lift gates, and custom toolboxes. They don’t only handle your custom installations, but they will also maintain and repair all components of your commercial truck: 

• Body Work—Martin’s Quality Truck Body specializes in customizing your chassis, suspension, and springs to support the needs of your particular enterprise. Whether you’re adding a hoist or a flat bed, they will verify that your truck can handle not just the new equipment, but the load that you are hauling or towing.

• Custom Paint—You need your commercial trucks to reflect your business and logo, as well as draw in new customers. Martin’s Quality Truck Body will paint and detail your fleet with stunning art work that sets you apart from your competitors.

• Regular Maintenance—Getting oil changes, new filters, lubrication, and having other maintenance done will limit breakdowns and lengthen the life of your trucks. When you get more miles out of your trucks, you get more business out of your trucks.

Take your trucks to Martin’s Quality Truck Body for a quality job, done on time and on budget by certified mechanics. For more information about the services we provide, please contact us today.